Lakeview Elementary Storychasers is an after-school student club at Lakeview Elementary in Yukon Public Schools, Oklahoma. Our club is starting in February 2013. We meet after school on Wednesdays in the library until 4:30 pm. Student storychasers are citizen journalists who share news about our school and community with the world using a variety of media. We are an official Storychasers Student Club. Learn more about what we do and why it’s great to be a student Storychaser by watching this video we created!

Our faculty sponsors are:

  • Britnee Lesser
  • Crystal Bradbury
  • Stephanie Parker
  • Wesley Fryer

Please subscribe to our blog and follow us on social media to stay updated! We’re in the process of updating our website and will be posting updates each week as our student Storychasers start reporting our school and community news!

Check out more videos on the YPS Storychasers YouTube channel.